Among Us Survival Guide

Among Us Survival Guide


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, Among Us is one of the hottest games to both watch and play. The breakaway hit that nobody expected has gone from total obscurity to superstardom in the blink of an eye and everybody wants in on the action. As a game, it’s based on social games like Werewolf and Mafia where deception, manipulation, and lie detection are everything. If you’re new to this concept, Among Us can feel quite overwhelming at first because of everything that’s going on.

Fortunately, you can learn some tricks of the trade that’ll help give you a fighting chance as you learn the ropes, both as an innocent Crewmate and as a dastardly Impostor. In this guide, we’ve got goods. Let’s start off with Crewmates.



If you happen to be one of these cute, innocent guys, you’re incapable of harm towards others…unless you’re ejecting them out of an airlock or chucking them into a volcano. You do have other things going for you, though.

For one, in every game, you’ve got strength in numbers. This means that there’ll always be more of you than there are Impostors. Play your cards right, prove your innocence, and voting will swing in your favor. Furthermore, as a Crewmate, you can perform visual tasks. These are tasks that are performed with a visible to others animation. Impostors don’t have this luxury. Once you know which tasks are visual, you can snuff out the fakers easily.

Below, we’ve outlined the most important tips and strategies to make you the best Crewmate around.

The Buddy System

As an old gaming adage goes, it’s dangerous to go alone. In Among Us this rings true but instead of a sword, as a Crewmate, you should carry a buddy with you at all times. By walking around alone you’ll be easy prey to the Impostors. Moving around at least in pairs ensures a couple of things.

Firstly, you’ll have someone to watch your back while you perform tasks and take care of sabotages. Were an Impostor to pop out and plunge a knife in your back, your buddy will instantly report them and avenge your death. The buddy system also allows you to fix sabotages faster as some require more than one person to complete.

One thing to be aware of, though, is that an Impostor can just as well act as your buddy until they get you somewhere alone. Then you’re toast. It’s mostly advisable to keep buddy numbers to at least 3. That way you can be more sure you’ve got a real friend around to cover you.


Task Completion Order

Tasks are one of your most important weapons as a Crewmate. Unlike Impostors, you can actually complete tasks and contribute to the task progress bar that’ll ultimately win you the game. Completing tasks is a win condition as well as getting the bar to 100% means Victory for Crewmates.

Believe it or not, there’s a sensible order in which you should perform tasks to weed out the Impostors.

Common Tasks

Starting with common tasks is vital because Impostors don’t get these tasks ever. These tasks need to be completed by all Crewmates and by encouraging your team to do them first, you can start detecting those who aren’t following suit. This way, it’s also easier to keep tabs on the progress bar. When someone stands there but the bar doesn’t move then you’ve got a sus on your hands.

Long Tasks

Long tasks are called this because they require more than one step to complete. Impostors love these because they’re quite easy to fake…unless someone is watching them carefully. The second steps for these tasks are usually in other locations and the Impostor will need to have them committed to memory. Crewmates have the advantage of arrows that guide them to the next steps in their long tasks. By following someone to see if they’re indeed completing a task, you can determine if they’re sus or not based on how efficient they are at getting to the next step. 

Short Tasks

These are actually quite easy for Impostors to fake as they’re completed quite quickly. It’s best to get these out of the way so that you can remove the advantage sooner rather than later. It can be tough trying to determine whether someone is faking these or not so avoid spending time sussing fakers out.

Visual Tasks

Getting to the point where there are only visual tasks left is like performing a checkmate. Impostors have no way of faking these as they can’t animate when they stand next to them. With nothing but visual tasks left, all that you need to do is make a beeline to complete them (and make use of the buddy system as you do so) and you’re pretty much guaranteed a win.


Voting Sensibly

Crewmate numbers in Among Us have the biggest impact when voting for who to eject. This can be both a blessing and a curse as you may end up killing off an innocent. It’s important to pay attention to what people are saying and how they’re saying it. If Red just spews out that Cyan killed Orange without any further information, then this may be a vote you’ll want to skip. A popular strategy is to also follow the accuser’s suggestion and then eject them if their accusation was false. This could very well also lead to two Crewmates getting tossed into the void of space, though, so be on your guard and think before you vote.

It’s Still Fresh

Here’s a little trick that not many people are aware of when they first start playing Among Us. When a Crewmate is killed, their body stays upright for a few seconds before dropping to the floor. If you happen to see Cyan running away from Electrical and Orange’s body is in there still standing upright, then 9 times out of 10 Cyan’s an Impostor as the body is still fresh.


Impostors are the role that everyone wants to be in Among Us yet it’s also one of the hardest to pull off. Sure, you’ve got the ability to stab people in the back and mess around with Sabotages but you’ve got a lot going against you. For one, there can only be up to 3 Impostors in a single game, with most servers running only 2 or 1 depending on group size. You also have to be careful of how and when you accuse others as accusations paint a target on your back. Staying passive and silent can also put you in a precarious spot.


Here are the most important tips and strategies for getting the W as an Impostor.


The Art of Deception

As an Impostor, you have to do your best to convince the Crewmates you’re one of them while also flying under the radar so you don’t get yourself ejected. Not an easy task but you can get better by following a few simple guidelines.


For starters, follow accusations others make and don’t be passive. Silence is the enemy. Don’t straight up agree or disagree but at least ask questions.


Also, in servers where you’ve already played a few rounds with the same people, try to stay the same with your playstyle. If you were mostly quiet, stay quiet. If you were more talkative then keep the same pace. Changing your playstyle up will make you look sus in front of those who’ve been paying attention to you.


Finally, only accuse when you know you’ve got the crew on your side. As we said earlier, accusing is what draws people’s attention to you. You don’t want that as an Impostor in Among Us. Pick the right moments to do based on how much trust you’ve earned and how many Crewmates are left. The fewer, the better.

Sabotage, Sabotage Everywhere

Your sabotages are one of your most versatile tools. For one, you can get a quick win by disrupting O2 at the right moment as it will kill all Crewmates when the timer runs out. You can also use sabotage in combination with a kill behind closed doors. Any Crewmates heading your way will quickly reroute towards the area that needs repairs and you can leave the crime scene at your leisure. Finally, sabotage can be a good way to isolate potential prey by getting their buddies to run away once the alarm starts blaring. Just remember to pretend you’re heading there, too.

Quick on Your Feet

Sometimes luck isn’t on your side. You found Black alone in Weapons and took their head off just as Red walked in to see it all happen. Once the report comes in you only have one option: be the first to speak. Take no chances and immediately accuse Red of self-reporting after killing. Impostors often use this tactic so it’s not outside of the realm of possibility that people will believe you. Of course, it’s risky, but it’s your only real play in this case.


On Venting

Vents can be a double-edged sword. They can get you out of a kill area quick but you can also be caught going in and coming out of a vent. It’s important not to overuse them, as tempting as it may be. Be sure to vent with the door closed. Also, be sure to pick an exit area that you’re quite sure isn’t occupied. 

And there you have it! These are the top strategies and tips for both Impostors and Crewmates in Among Us. You should now have enough to hit the ground running and begin enjoying your Among Us games whether with friends or strangers. If you’re still finding yourself ejected or killed a lot, keep in mind that practice makes perfect, and that includes your ability to observe others.

Credit: Yannis Vatis

Yannis is a veteran gamer with over 25 years of experience across the spectrum of genres. He enjoys spending time with his family, livestreaming on Twitch and occasionally dishing out unsolicited dad advice.


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