Among Us Update and Roadmap

Among Us Update & Roadmap


Among Us is all the rage at the moment but it didn’t start off that way. When developer Innersloth first released it, there was a small fanbase and not much in the pipeline for updates. The sudden explosion in popularity thanks to big streamers and content creators trying it out has kicked the small indie team into high gear.


With a new update pushed out and a roadmap of sorts, Innersloth finally has a plan to share with us on what to expect for future patches and goodies.

Anonymous Voting

The recent update to Among Us has added an anonymous voting modifier to the game. When anonymous voting is turned on, votes are greyed out which hides voting intent. This makes ejections more mysterious and adds an extra layer to the finger-pointing proceedings. This is a variation used by other social games like Werewolf and it can be a lot of fun. Granted, some added rules may need to be added to avoid skewing the balance.

New Modifiers

Innersloth’s recent update to Among Us also added some modifiers to the taskbar. One option allows for the taskbar to be put into Meeting Mode, meaning it will only update when meetings happen. This does seem like it could favor Impostors so it may be a way to make single Impostor games more viable. There’s also now another option to make the taskbar completely invisible.

New Map

Along with the update, Innersloth has outlined their plans for new additions to Among Us. The most exciting announcement was that they are working on a new map. They’ve explained it will be bigger than Polus and will feature whole new task types to add to the mix of existing ones. Best of all, the map will be available for free to all players when it releases. No date has been revealed so far.

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Account System

Another addition that Innesloth is working on is an account system for Among Us. Aside from giving players a permanent account for the game, it will also allow for reporting of toxic players and cheaters. The devs have also expressed that they’d like to do friends lists at some point as well. This will be an excellent addition to help people play in consistent groups.

Accessibility Updates

Finally, the devs behind Among Us have revealed that they’re working on a few accessibility updates to help more players enjoy the game. For one, they’re looking to add a colorblind mode. This makes sense considering how players use character colors instead of names. On top of that, they’ve got “professional translations” in the pipeline to make the game accessible to players in a variety of regions.

Final Word
One can only imagine how overwhelmed Innersloth must have been from the sudden boom in their little game’s popularity. Now it seems that the Among Us devs have finally got their plans laid out to keep the game fresh as well as welcoming to more players.

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