Animal Crossing Gets Save Transfers and Other Features with Latest Update

Animal Crossing Gets Save Transfers and Other Features with Latest Update

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has seen several big updates since its launch earlier this year. One of the biggest game releases of tumultuous 2020 recently received yet another major update, which includes a much-requested feature.

Titled “The Winter Update”, Animal Crossing: New Horizons’s latest update became available to download this past Thursday. Its most important addition to the lovable, island getaway game? Save transfers! A feature thousands of Switch owners have been clamoring for since launch, save transfers will allow players to move either their entire island or a resident to a different Switch. As islands are tied to the consoles they’re created on, players within the same household had to either have their own console or play on the same one. Once one member gets their own console, they would have to start from scratch. But with this update, save transfers in New Horizons are finally possible.


In order to transfer an entire island or a resident from one Switch console to another, you need to have both devices on hand. Bear in mind, this process will permanently delete the island or resident from the original console.

To transfer an Animal Crossing: New Horizons island, you need to get the ACNH Transfer Tool from the Switch eShop for both consoles. Next, you need to make sure that both games are fully updated. Launch the Transfer Tool on both consoles and follow the on-screen instructions. After the transfer completes, you need to launch the game on the receiving Switch and select Existing Data when prompted regarding resident data. Then, you simply need to select the villager you were playing as in the original Switch and make sure it matches up to the account you were using. You need to do this for all characters you want to transfer over.

If you’re simply looking to transfer an island resident, then the process is a bit simpler. Bear in mind, you can’t transfer the Island Representative as they will be tied to the island itself. To move any other player character, launch the game on the original Switch and press the – button to access the title screen settings menu. Select Move to a new island and Move me off the island. Keep selecting yes for all options presented to you. On the target Switch, run the game and make sure you select the account tied to that character. When you meet up with Timmy and Tommy at the airport select I’m moving -> Yes, I have! -> Start the process to initiate the transfer. Confirm your island and resident name and then go back to the original Switch. Select I want to move to select the Switch you’ll be going to. Once you get Everything is ready! you’ll be able to start playing on the new Switch.

Pretty straightforward and painless, no?


In terms of the rest of the Winter Update, there is plenty to look forward to. On November 26 we will be able to celebrate Turkey Day and welcome a new NPC, Franklin. This turkey chef will ask for your assistance with gathering ingredients while he cooks up a storm at the plaza.

December 24 will be Toy Day, a day during which reindeer character Jingle arrives with a big bag of gifts. Of course, you’ll be asked to hand out presents to your beloved islanders.

Aside from that, six new hairstyles and 9 new reactions have been added to the mix. These include the option to finally sit down on the ground, yet another feature New Horizons fans have been expecting for a long time. Finally, your home storage has also gone up from 1600 items to 2400. You can ask Tom Nook to expand your storage for you. 

Nintendo has also confirmed that another update should be expected during late January 2021.

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