Astral Chain

Astral Chain

Osaka-based studio PlatinumGames´ latest release for the Nintendo Switch arrives in the beautifully polished form of Astral Chain. To date, Astral Chain is without question one of the most beautiful games on the console.

Having previously worked on games like Bayonetta, Nier: Automata, and Vanquish, the studio has gained a reputation for releasing games with beautiful art styles and special effects to match.

Astral Chain is a game that includes a new combat system, that provides an intuitive experience when controlling two characters at the same time.


This is a game anyone can enjoy – especially beginners. The default difficulty mode favors the storytelling aspect of the game, rather than the action and fighting scenes which are also deeply immersive. A higher difficulty is also available right from the start – and at your choosing, your character will start off with the buffs and items needed to keep your health maxed out, to not make things too difficult.
Playing as a cop in a futuristic world, we can also deploy legions which help us kick ass when some otherwordly creatures try and take over.

The combat is mainly focused on the ground, but another cool aspect of the combat system is that you can summon your legion with the ZL button, and send it off to fight another enemy in a different section of the arena. The legions already look really cool, but a few missions into the game, and you can also begin to customize them.


There is also a big focus on exploration. As you roam around the city, you´ll be able to pick up different side quests, investigations, and hidden items/caches.
Astral Chain is an awesome experience. A really good game which is a testament to the kind of games we´ve seen previously from PlatinumGames. 

Rating: 9/10 
Nintendo Switch
Release Date:
August 30, 2019


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