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Is it possible for animals to mutate and access new abilities? Biomutant offers a unique fantasy world where something like that is actually possible, and you get to be at the forefront of that. You will control a mammal warrior and your focus is to complete a variety of objectives and defeat enemies that come in front of you. It’s possible to customize the character to fit your playstyle.

The thickness of your character will actually influence how you move. A heavy character moves slower, but you will be harder to kill. If you’re less thick, you get more agility, but that means you end up easier to kill. The combat is very interesting with its Kung-fu martial arts approach mixed with guns and all other sorts of weaponry.


One thing to note about the game is the fact that you can collect a variety of parts and combine them to create any weapon you want. The interesting thing is that the parts also have affixes. That means they can have electrical or cold damage. Obviously, that can be very good against a vast range of enemies, and you will find them a pleasure to check out and use.

Crafting is a very important part of the game, so you will constantly need to acquire parts to create crazy items all the time. But this doesn’t only pertain to weapons. You can actually acquire mutations as well as biomechanical body parts that will change your look. Claws, wings, and even robotic legs can be attached to your character. These can also have a variety of abilities, so you have tons of customization options to choose from as you play.

Some areas are actually locked until you have specific parts. There are vehicles in the game too, like jet skis or air balloons, and they might be needed to unlock certain regions. You can use vehicles if you want, or you can just explore the game world on foot. The combat itself is unique, especially when it comes to bosses. That’s the reason why you need to time all your attacks and do everything you can to improve and become better as you play.


The dialogue plays a very important role in the game because the stances characters take will influence the overall questline. It’s a clever idea and one that can have a lot of ramifications as you play, so you definitely want to check it out for yourself and just enjoy the experience.

As a whole, Biomutant seems like a very innovative game. It was postponed a few times, but as you can see it’s a very interesting game with a pretty large scope. It’s unlike most other games out there, so if you are passionate about an RPG title with a lot of charm, this can be a good pick. They even allow you to scale the narration level, so you do have a whole lot of cool customization options and features!

Platform: PS4, Xbox one, PC

Release date: TBD


Credit: Alex Donnovan

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