Call of Duty Warzone Tips & Tricks

CoD Tips & Tricks

So, you’ve taken the plunge. You picked CoD Warzone, dove into your first few games and had a few laughs. But now you want a win and that’s proving to be quite a challenge. Whether you’re new to battle royale games or a battle-hardened veteran of the free-for-all genre, Warzone has a few unique points that can make it challenging to get into.

Being a squad-based game, teamwork is of the essence. Diving head-first into battle on your own is a fast track ticket to the Gulag. Warzone also has a cash system for buying advantages and goodies. This means that staying on top of your objectives is vital. Compared to other BR games, it can be a lot to wrap your head around at first.

Fear not, dear maggot. We’ve got a few tips and tricks to help you hit the ground running and squeeze out that first in.

Stick Together

We’ve already established that you’re never alone in a CoD Warzone match. You’ve got two squadmates to back you up. That means that everyone else is also running around in packs of 3 so charging in on your own isn’t a good idea. Therefore, basic FPS rules apply here; stick together as much as possible. Even if your team isn’t quite as cooperative, you’ll always have better chances of survival by following and covering them. Watch your teammates’ blindspots. Ping enemies when you see them. Focus on keeping them alive. These are all actions that’ll raise your chances of surviving long enough to see the endgame.

Cut Loose

Picking the right landing spot in a battle royale game is important. Being the first to arrive at said spot is even more important. Just like you, everyone in the match is gunning for the locations that are likely to have weapons and gear. In Warzone, there’s a way to control not just where you land at the start of the game but also how fast you do it. Once you’ve picked a general area you want to arrive at, leap out of the plane and start diving. After plunging about halfway down, pull out your chute and start making adjustments. Pinpoint a more specific location and cut your chute loose. If you need to make further adjustments, bring it back out and cut it again. You can do this repeatedly until you’ve got boots on the ground. With this technique, you’ll be able to control your velocity as well as your drop accuracy.


Load Up

One of CoD Warzone’s most unique aspects compared to other BR games is its Cash economy which allows you to buy gear and other goodies. More importantly, you can call in a Loadout Drop packed with a weapon and gear setup you’ve put together in other modes of the game. This can be incredibly advantageous as it will give you instant access to weapons, perks and gear you’re most comfortable using. Buying other abilities, like UAVs and Precision Airstrikes, is also important so you’ll need to make arrangements for at least one or two members to save up as the Drops can be quite pricey.

Speaking of money…

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Most things you do in Warzone can earn you Cash, including killing enemy players. In order to save for the aforementioned Loadout Drop and other expensive goodies, you’ll need some big payouts. You can rake in the big bucks by fulfilling Contracts. These mini-objectives come in 3 different flavors.

Bounties place a red target on a specific player’s back. By killing this person, you immediately receive a reward. The thing is, the player knows they’re being hunted and that means their team will be on the lookout for you. Be sure to make use of flanking and other team tactics to guarantee your reward.

Scavenger contracts will highlight three supply boxes across the map. Once you open all of them, you’re showered in Cash. Each box will also contain its own loot and maybe some cash so even if you don’t open all three, you can still get a small boost.

Recon contracts are like control points in some FPS modes. Once active, a location will be highlighted on your map. You need to get to that location and stand in it until you’ve got it capped. This is the riskiest contract as once you’re there, a flare is fired which can be seen by other players. The loot and Cash aren’t directly awarded to you either. This means that others will be rallying to your location for a chance at that sweet reward. Be prepared for a fight.

Always Be Pinging

CoD Warzone makes use of the same pinging system in Apex Legends and other battle royale games. With the click of a button, you can highlight anything from objectives and items to enemy players and locations. This will also alert your teammates who’ll also be able to see your ping. It’s an invaluable tool in your arsenal because it streamlines your communication with your team. If you’re not used to pings, then it’s a good idea to be extra aware of your squad’s pings. Reacting swiftly to pings is an important skill to develop in Warzone.



Share the Love

Warzone’s Cash economy allows for another important teamwork element which is the sharing of resources. Your Cash doesn’t necessarily need to be just for you. If you find that one of your teammates is undergeared, then buying a few pieces of armor and equipment for them will go a long way towards keeping them alive so you can make it closer to the finish line. Remember that you’re also saving up for that sweet Loadout Drop which will also equip your squad with their chosen loadouts. Keep your account balanced but don’t be stingy either.

Know Your Perks

A good CoD loadout isn’t just about the weapons – though they’re the best part. Perks can also be incredibly beneficial and picking the right ones that complement your playstyle can make you a formidable foe. When setting up your loadout for your Drops, it’s important to pick the best perks for each slot.

     Overkill – The best perk for the Red slot, Overkill turns you into a juggernaut by allowing you to carry two primary weapons. What’s more, they can be fully loaded with mods of your choosing. Don’t leave home without this one.

     Ghost – Warzone is a game of information and positioning. As such, UAVs will often be used by your opponents to see where you are and get the drop on you. Hence, Ghost is another Red perk you should consider adding to your loadout. It will keep you hidden from those pesky UAVs.

     Cold-Blooded – This Blue perk is a pro favorite. It makes you untraceable by AI targeting systems and thermal scanners. When paired with Ghost, it’ll make you a stealth powerhouse that’ll be hard to find and pin down. It’s also the best in slot perk so just take it regardless.

     Tracker – Yellow perks are generally not that great for Warzone. The only one of some use is Tracker which will provide you with some enhanced tracking capabilities. There are other Yellow perks, like Tune-Up and Battle Hardened, but they aren’t quite as good in the BR mode since knowing where your enemies are is far more important.

Safe Redeployment

Sometimes teammates get downed. That’s the unfortunate truth that is more often than not unavoidable. Fortunately, you can use a Redeployment item at a Buystation to bring them back to the action. The thing is, once activated, a flare will alert other players nearby. This is the game’s way of balancing this powerful ability. When the flare goes up, you need to be prepared to cover your returning teammate so their redeployment isn’t performed in vain.

Gulag Support

The Gulag is Warzone’s way of giving you and your teammates a chance to return to the battlefield after being captured. When a squadmate is fighting for their right to continue with the match, you can actually support them with a neat little trick. You can fling rocks at C4 explosives near their opponents and help them come out on top. Sounds dirty but such is life in the Gulag.


And there you have it! These are the best tips and tricks for beginners in CoD Warzone. The key thing to remember is that you’ve got numerous ways to support your team, including the sharing of resources and armor plates. Remember that sharing is caring, pay attention to your objectives, cover your allies and be mindful of your Cashflow. These will all go a long way in giving you your first of many wins to come.

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