Capcom Ransomware Attack Leaks Game Details and User Data

Capcom Ransomware Attack Leaks Game Details and User Data

Earlier this week, a ransomware attack on Capcom that began on November 2nd leaked a whole lot of information, both regarding upcoming releases and data that included personal information of customers. The Japanese developer and publisher confirmed the attack and subsequent information breach in a press release on Monday.

 The “ransom note” the company received by a group called Ragnar Locker, which claimed responsibility, can be found on Resetera. According to a BBC report, the hacker group dumped the newly acquired information onto their page on the dark web as Capcom had refused to pay what they were asking. Users on Resetera state that some of the information leaked comes from as far back as 2018. It’s therefore likely that some of this information is now irrelevant.

 The unfortunate and worrying part comes from the fact that over 350,000 people’s personal information has been leaked, including customers, employees and shareholders. Some customer data came from people who have used the Capcom Store, called Capcom Japan’s help desk, are or were members of Capcom’s US e-sports teams and even people who applied for jobs at the company in the past. Capcom has stated that credit card information as they were “handled by a third-party service provider”.



On the sunnier side – for us at least – the ransomware attack may have revealed some juicy information on upcoming titles. For starters, the hotly anticipated sequel to the Japanese developer’s survival horror series, Resident Evil Village, has a planned release window in April 2021. Furthermore, on top of a planned release date of June 2021 for Monster Hunter Stories 2 on Nintendo Switch, the leak revealed the title will launch of PC, too.

 Regarding title plans that were yet to be revealed to the public, the ransomware leak contained information on a possible battle royale game in the Resident Evil universe. Another Ace Attorney collection, likely to include the Great Ace Attorney games on top of the original trilogy, is also planned for PS4 and Switch. Most importantly, the highly anticipated Monster Hunter Rise, slated for a March 2021 release on Switch, will be getting a PC version later that year in October.

 Outside of named titles, there were some interesting projects revealed by the data breach that so far seem to have placeholder titles. The first is a possible title coming to Nintendo Switch next year in February, code-named “Guillotine”. Not much else is known about this project. Considering its expected February release window, it’s either well into its development cycle or has been canned. The name itself may be alluding to a new IP as it doesn’t match up to any of the staple franchises Capcom owns. There is a possibility this could be a brand new Ace Attorney game considering Guillotine was used as capital in older times. It’s anyone’s guess at this point, though.



The other two unnamed projects are code-named “Reiwa” and “Shield”. The former’s project title and a vague release window in May are all we know about it. What’s more interesting, though, is that the latter appears to be a multiplayer shooter that targets players who stream. While making a game targetted at streamers sounds quite odd, there’s quite a bit a company can do to integrate streaming into its games. Both multiplayer gaming and live streaming are social activities. Blending them together may open up a whole world of new possibilities. On the other hand, Capcom is exactly known for its shooter game so we’ll have to wait and see.

 The short of it is that this ransomware attack was a massive data breach that can have a lot of repercussions for the Japanese gaming giant. Capcom has stated they’re working with international law enforcement to provide as much information about the hacker group as possible. In the meantime, if you have ever used any of the Capcom services mentioned, you might want to start taking some precautions. On the bright side, we can see that Capcom is giving the Nintendo Switch quite a bit of love next year.

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