Doom Eternal: Best Tips & Tricks to Rip and Tear

Doom Eternal: Best Tips & Tricks to Rip and Tear

Doom Eternal received its first DLC expansion in October; The Ancient Gods Part One. The second part of this new story will be released around March 2021 and by then, most players will have forgotten some of the key tips and tricks for Doom Eternal. Staying on form is important in a game as frantic as the Doom series. With this in mind, we’ve pulled together one of the best tips & tricks list for Doom Eternal which will be desperately needed for those just starting to play the game and all of us who will be returning when The Ancient Gods Part Two releases.


Never stop moving

In Doom combat, standing still is death. Demons will spawn all over the area including behind you as the developers are forcing you to not just stay in one ‘safe’ area. This means you need to be constantly moving and shooting.

Dashing is not just for puzzles

The best way to use the dash is to avoid big attacks or escaping melee range for certain enemies such as Revenants. Using dash constantly can work but with so many demons around this might not be very safe and you need to make sure it’s not on cooldown when you need it most. Dashing backward is usually a bad idea, however, dashing in any direction you can’t see could also result in disaster.

Use the right weapon

There’s a whole range of weapons in Doom Eternal and each one works extremely well in different situations. We all have our favourites but they don’t always work well in every situation. Swapping weapons is something you should be doing a lot throughout the game and not just when the ammo runs low. Some weapons also share the ammo which is something not very obvious in the game and some weapons eat ammo very quickly. The weapon wheel will tell you which guns use the same ammo via the ammo colors.


Chainsaw Efficiently

The game fails to explain this properly but the chainsaw works differently for each type of demon you encounter. The “light” class can be slashed down with a small bar of the tank while a “Medium” or “Heavy” needs a full tank which can be hard to get. It’s more efficient to saw through smaller enemies to get the ammo back than it is to save it for a fast kill on a bigger enemy. Make sure you kill plenty of smaller enemies like Imps or Zombies using the chainsaw to avoid running out of ammo while fighting an Arachnotron.

Blood Punch and Glory Kills

While running around the fight zone, make sure you punch the glowing enemies to recover health while slaying demons. Getting a few Glory Kills in a row will allow you to perform a Blood Punch to kill one or more demons depending on the level. There’s also the Desperate Punch rune added with The Ancient Gods Part 1 that doubles the damage of the Blood Punch if it’s triggered while your health is 75 or less.

Manage your Health and Kills

This essentially means remembering to use the chainsaw on smaller enemies, getting Glory Kills as much as possible, and using the new Flame Belch weapon. Doom Eternal is a shooter game but using some management skills goes a long way here. Poor management of Glory Kills or chainsaw kills will mean you don’t have enough ammo or health during fights and remembering to use the chainsaw on the right enemies will make all the difference.

Flame Belch groups of enemies

Learning to use the Flame Belch at the right time is pretty important. Burning enemies will drop small pieces of armor while killing them when they’re on fire gives you larger amounts. For the higher difficulty levels using this weapon is essential for success and survival. Since this has a cooldown timer you want to be using this weapon on larger groups of enemies to get as much armor as possible. It doesn’t deal much damage but if an enemy is low HP it could trigger them to flash for a Glory Kill. This also allows for great combos where you can stun an enemy, torch them with the Flame Belch then Glory Kill them.

Re-completing old missions can give you Extra Lives

If the new levels are proving too difficult then you can go to the Mission Select and go back through some older missions. This is a great way to discover new things on the maps and also rewards you with Extra Lives. Collecting more Extra Lives through this method will still carry over to the progress for the Main Campaign.



Snipe when possible before fights

Doom Eternal is not a game that rewards standing still in combat or sniping. However, there are times before you initiate fights where the demons can be seen fighting one another. When this happens you can get one or two headshots off which could quickly kill a more powerful enemy before the fight begins. This can also let you check for mines or red barrels through a scope and blow up a bunch of demons before engaging them.

Check the Demon Codex

If you’re having trouble dealing with certain enemies then take a look at the Demon Codex. It contains some lore for each demon but also a little bit of information regarding their weaknesses too. This information can be used to quickly kill enemies and to learn how to handle the more difficult enemies found across the missions in Doom Eternal. Not all of the information for each enemy can be found in the Codex so there will be other weaknesses to discover and exploit.


Walk Everywhere and check Automap often

If you’re looking to find every secret or item in Doom Eternal then taking the time to walk almost everywhere is important. Once you’ve explored different areas of the map, the location of secrets will show up as a question mark on the Automap. When you see a new question make appear this usually means the access point to it isn’t far away. When you find one of these collectibles, there will be a large floating question mark in the game world for you to grab.

You don’t need to return to levels to find new collectibles

In Metroidvania games, players need to re-play levels to collect items because they didn’t have the abilities to unlock them during the first run. Doom Eternal does not work like this. All of the collectibles available in each level can be found using the abilities that are originally unlocked for that level. Mean you don’t need to level up to get new weapons or abilities to find all of the collectibles on the lower levels of the game. There are times where you will need to further into the level to find a key before returning to the collectible area but there’s no need to replay levels.

Demonic Corruption

From mission 2 onwards, there’s a corruption bar on the top right corner of the screen. It has a total of 10 icons and filling each one provides a Weapon Point for unlocking upgrades. The icons come in four colors which mean different things:

Red – Regular demon battles which fill the bar slowly

Purple – Obtained by defeating a Slayer Gate and is only available on levels that have a Slayer Gate

Pink – From the Secret Encounters where demons must be killed within a time limit and are only available for levels that feature the Secret Encounter

Yellow – Seen on missions that have a main campaign boss, defeating a boss will fill this icon

Fall Damage does exist

It’s easy to forget this but fall damage does exist in Doom Eternal and it could also cost armor if you have that. The falls will very rarely kill but if you’re low HP and then fall, it will probably result in death. It’s not very obvious or ‘too much’ but it does stop players from being too comfortable.

Fast Travel

It might not sound particularly useful for Doom Eternal but this makes exploring maps much easier, especially if you intend to find all the collectibles. This is unlocked shortly before the stage is completed and is available in the 3D map. Pressing the Fast Travel button then lets you select one of the main regions from the mission where you can then select a Travel Point to teleport back to. There is no cost to using this feature, however, if you replay a mission this will be disabled until you’ve returned to the same point where it originally activated the Fast Travel. This makes it easy to re-visit different areas of the level once you’ve almost completed the mission.


Play with the Options

Doom Eternal has a lot of cool things hidden in the options including the ability to enable the original Doom weapon perspective and sound effects. The UI can also be further customized with a range of presets and transparency options for the overlay. It gives the game a new feel which has the potential to give you a little boost if you didn’t like the original UI for some reason. If you plan to replay the game then swapping to some new presents and transparency levels could offer a different experience.

Complete all the Challenges you can

The challenges in Doom Eternal provide rewards once completed. These are optional challenges but completing each set of Mission Challenges will provide a Sentinel Battery. In addition to the ‘main’ challenges, the Weapons Challenges in the game can be completed after purchasing a weapon upgrade and all the improvements. It rewards you with mastery for that weapon which gives a useful passive ability for that weapon. However, you can get this mastery by using special Master Tokens. If your game is connected to the game servers then you will also have access to the Weekly Challenges that provide XP used to level up and unlock different rewards such as cosmetic items.

Unlock Cheat Codes with Floppy Disks

For those looking to replay Doom Eternal, it’s possible to unlock special cheat codes by finding floppy disks in the game world. They’re a type of special collectible that unlocks a different cheat code. It’s not possible to use these cheats during your first playthrough of a level so this is for when you repeat levels. There are 14 floppy disks to collect across the game which make the Doom Slayer even more powerful.

You can play Doom 1 and Doom 2 in Doom Eternal

Collecting all of the floppy disks in the game unlocks Doom 1 on the old PC found in the Fortress of Doom. The game it unlocks is The Ultimate Doom from 1995 which was the ‘final’ version of the first game. Unlocking Doom 2 is slightly easier, however, you need to enter a secret password onto the computer after selecting the right square. Entering this code will allow you to play Doom 2 through the computer: FLYNNTAGGART

Doom Eternal has a lot to offer players whether they’re playing the first time or replaying it for the third time. Every playthrough of the game can be different thanks to the various features included which is great if you’re re-playing a few levels to get back into the swing of Doom Eternal before playing the next DLC. There’s a lot to learn with this game and for the most part, only those on the higher difficulty settings need to be very strategic with their ammo, health, and armor management.




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