Everything You Need to Know About Demon’s Souls Remake on Playstation 5

Everything You Need to Know About Demon's Souls Remake on Playstation 5

Earlier this year, Sony showcased its next-generation console, the Playstation 5, in a spectacular nearly hour-long live stream. Out of all of the games on display, Demon’s Souls Remake was arguably the one that got all viewers to jump out of their seats. This stunningly gorgeous enhanced Demon’s Souls was developed by master remaker studio Bluepoint, which also remade Shadow of the Colossus for PS4.

Here’s everything you need to know about Demon’s Souls Remake on Playstation 5.
What is Demon’s Souls?

Demon’s Souls narrative takes place in the fictional kingdom of Boletaria, where a colorless fog has enveloped the land. As a lone warrior, you arrive at Boletaria only to find it overrun by demons and other horrors. With only a single ally at your side, the Maiden and Black, and the ability to grow stronger with each demon slain, you stand as Boletaria’s only hope for salvation.

Originally developed by From Software, Demon’s Souls is an action RPG on the Playstation 3. It originally released in 2009 and was designed by the now-legendary Hidetaka Miyazaki. Thanks to its crushingly challenging gameplay, dark tone and signature stamina management, the game became an instant cult classic, paving the way for its spiritual successors in the Soulsborne subgenre.

How is the Remake Different from the Original Demon’s Souls?

Bluepoint took on the project to remake Demon’s Souls for the PS5 with one guiding light: to maintain its core gameplay and feel. This means that the main change is to the game’s aesthetics. And the remake is a thing of beauty, a true marvel that demonstrates the graphical fidelity an early Playstation 5 title is capable of achieving. Particularly in the lighting department, the PS5’s ray tracing capabilities add a visceral eeriness to various locales of Boletaria. Even with all of these supercharged graphics, Demon’s Souls Remake will feel familiar to veterans from beginning to end.

Gameplay-wise, the remake remains faithful to its PS3 predecessor. All of your favorite melee, ranged and spellcasting skills are still there and intact. In a recent State of Play, the devs highlighted that a lot of the game’s original code is still in place. At the same time, Bluepoint has worked on quashing a few bugs and adding some minor quality of life features.

One of the key changes is in the way items and gear are managed. In the original Demon’s Souls, your equipment burden came from both the gear you wore and the stuff in your inventory. This was arguably the game’s less liked aspect. For the remake on PS5, Bluepoint has added the option to send items directly to storage as you collect them. While a lot of players would have preferred to have seen equipment load restricted to equipped items, as it’s done in the later Soulsborne games, this QoL improvement is still a welcome change.


Will Demon’s Souls Remake Have Multiplayer?

The short answer is yes, Demon’s Souls Remake on Playstation 5 will feature multiplayer. Originally, there was some confusion as a listing for the game stated the inclusion of multiplayer yet later got deleted. It’s since been reconfirmed, though. Demon’s Souls on PS5 allows for up to six players to play online. A host can summon up to 3 allies to their world, the same way they would in other Soulsborne games, and up to 2 other players can invade. You’ll need an item called Blue Eyed Stone to join another player’s game.

Is Demon’s Souls Remake Coming to PC and Other Platforms?
This is one of the most confusing points about Demon’s Souls Remake. At the end of the PS5 showcase earlier this year, there was a clear footnote that stated the game was coming to PC as well. At the same time, there was a bigger message stating the game was a console exclusive. This led to speculation that the hotly anticipated title would find its way to PC and maybe other platforms. Sony has since attributed the PC footnote to “human error” and that Demon’s Souls Remake is a Playstation 5 exclusive. It’s important to note that other Sony exclusives have been slowly making their way to PC and have been doing exceptionally well sales-wise.


Demon’s Souls Remake is out now on Playstation 5 in the US and other regions. It will arrive in the UK along with the console on November 19th.

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