Genshin Impact Elemental Combo Guide

Genshin Impact Elemental Combo Guide

Teyvat, the world players explore in Genshin Impact, is teeming with the flow of all seven magical elements. The Archons of Teyvant are the ones who grant mortals the elemental powers of the world for them to use by concentrating their energies in order to wield them. There are seven magical powers that are distributed among the different characters in the game. You’re able to mix different elemental combinations to either deal powerful damage, create reactions to different enemies, or create buffs.  

The seven magical powers granted by the Archons are:

Anemia (Wind)
Geo (Earth)
Electro (Lightning)
Hydro (Water)
Dendro (Nature)
Pyro (Fire)
Cryo (Frost)

Each character is associated with a different element. If you want to see which element the character is, you have to look at the party select screen. You will see the character’s element in the top left-hand corner of their icon. The elements aren’t only meant to be flashy; they also inflict different effects on both players and enemies.

Elemental Effects On Enemies

Cryo – Inflicts a heavy on an enemy and decreases their movement speed.

Pyro – Causes damage over time. 

Hydro – Inflicts a “Wet” effect on an enemy.

Electro – Electricity will spread in water, affecting any wet enemies.

Elemental Effects On Players

Condensing Ice (Cryo) – Players deplete more stamina.

Slowing Water (Hydro) – Makes cooldown timers longer.

Smoldering Flames (Pyro) – Damage over time.

Engulfing Storm (Electro) – Reduces Energy recharge.


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Elemental Combo Guide
Like other role-playing games with a focus on elemental magic, the elements have a reaction with each other. The following explains the different combinations you can make with each element.

Melt: Powerful damage created by Pyro and Cryo
Vaporize: Powerful damage created by Pyro and Hydro
Magma: A burning fire shield that inflicts a burn on enemies created by Pyro and Geo
Overloaded: Area of effect Pyro created by Pyro and Electro
Burn: Burn damage over time created by Pyro and Dendro
Mud: Flowers down enemies and reduces their attack speed created by Geo and Hydro
Poison: Area of effect poison created by Hydro and Dendro
Electro-charged: Electro damage over time created by Electro and Hydro
Frozen: Freezes an enemy created by Cryo and Hydro
Blizzard: Freeze damage getting around enemy defenses created by Cryo and Anemo
Shatter: Increases chances of CRIT created by Cryo and Geo
Superconduct: Lowers enemy physical resistance by half created by Cryo and Electro
Thorn: Causes bleeding with DOT damage created by Geo and Dendro.
Crystalize: A crystal shield created by Geo and Cryo (or Electro/Hydro/Pyro). 
Dust: Knockback created by Anemo and Geo. 
Swirl: AOE damage over time created by Cryo (or Electro/Hydro/Pyro) and Anemo. 

You can have up to four members in a party, so make sure you’re keeping up with which elements you have in your part in ensuring you’re making the most of your group combination. When you have the right combination of characters, you can create some powerful elemental combinations. 

High Voltage
= Decreases Hydro’s effectiveness by 40%. A 100% chance of generating an electro elemental particle with Superconduct, Overloaded, and Eletro-charged (Electro + Electro).
Shattering Ice = Decreases Electro’s effectiveness by 40% and increases the critical rate against enemies impacted by Cryo by 15% (Cryo + Cryo). 
Protective Canopy = Increases resistance to all elements by 15% (Any four elements).
Enduring Rock = Increases attack damage by 15% and creates a shield to interruption (Geo + Geo).
Fervent Flames = Decreases Cryo’s effectiveness by 40% and increases attack by 25% (Pyro + Pyro).
Soothing water = Decreases Pyro’s effectiveness by 40% and increases healing by 30% (Hydro + Hydro).
Impetuous Winds = Reduces the party’s stamina by 15% but increases movement speed by 10% while shortening the cooldown of skills by 5%. (Anemo + Anemo).

Genshin Impact’s elemental skills are confusing at first, but it becomes second nature once you learn how the elemental combinations work. 

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