has been dubbed one of the best reasons to upgrade your computer or consider buying a next-gen console. The game is visually stunning, and is probably the best looking game out there right now – period. Released on 12th November, it’s a new RPG game everyone’s talking about, but how does it hold up?
Despite the way the game looks, it’s gameplay is suffering. It’s as if the devs have put all their efforts into the way the game looks, rather than investing more time into the actual gameplay.

 In Godfall you play as Orin, a fallen King. You have a brother, Macros, who is about to achieve enough power to become a god, but before he does, it’s your mission to stop him. The story isn’t really anything special it’s quite sparse. The game has been developed by Counterplay Games, who described Godfall as a “looter-slasher”, which draws its inspiration from other games Dark Souls, Monster Hunter, and Destiny 2, but it’s a blend it never gets quite right.

The combat also seems a bit hectic. There are light attacks, which result in a “soul-strike” after a hit combo. Also has heavy attacks by using the right bumper on a controller, which can result in enemy takedowns. You can also use blocks, evades and shields which make for varied combat, however, the camera focuses on Orin, and one other enemy, so you have no idea where other attacks are going to be coming from. When enemies have you surrounded, it’s easy to be overpowered and lose a lot of health in free-for-all skirmishes.

Counterplay Games referenced Godfall as a “looter-slasher”, and so you can expect a lot of loot, and it definitely delivers that in abundance. There are only five different weapon types for the slashing though: greatsword, longsword, polearms, dual blades, and a Warhammer. The differences between each weapon under a certain weapon type, are mainly in their appearances. There seem to be no real attribute changes from one to the next.

In addition to the weapons, there’s also a range of different armor sets that you will unlock as you go through the game. These are referred to as “vapor plates”. These armor sets look decent, but there’s only one Archon ability per set, and two different abilities in total, which again makes the armor quite boring, like the weapons.
The game is severely lacking in the depth of its level design. Each mission takes place in roughly the same location, which just makes the game feel highly repetitive.
There are faults with the game, and given the first impressions, it’s quite disappointing. The depth of the game is very shallow and doesn’t do a lot to make me want to carry on playing.

The game does look beautiful, However, it will come at a cost if you’re not buying a next-gen console, because it requires some top-notch hardware especially if you’re considering playing it on PC.

PlayStation 5, PC
Release Date:
November 12, 2020
Counterplay Games


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