Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn Review

Horizon Zero Dawn takes a prehistoric land and blends it perfectly with futuristic mechanical beasts. A game that is both unique and daring in concept, which has now become one of the most memorable video games of this generation.

Playing as the female protagonist Aloy, we journey through the stunning landscapes of hot deserts, snow covered mountains, and lush green forests.

Aloy is adopted at a young age as one of the Nora – a tribal people based in the northern regions. She sets out to understand more about her own past, but also the past of the previous human civilization that lived before.The game is absolutely breathtaking and is one of the most visually stunning games I’ve played to date.

The game is well done all round, from the voice acting to the main missions and the quests available in between. The crafting system is also a great feature, which creates hours of extended gameplay as a hunter-gatherer, providing a change of pace from the 30-hour story. The game doesn’t feel like a grind when you’re out gathering resources either, as there’s so much to explore in the vast open world, it feels like there’s always something new to discover.

While on your travels you’ll find that it’s not just robots you need to hunt, as the animals that coexist throughout the game are also a wealth of resources when it comes to crafting the more primitive tools. Other crafting items such as health potions, new weapons, and traps can be crafted but your resources will soon be depleted.

The main features of the game combined with amazing combat mechanics make for an awesome role-playing experience. Firing a good old fashioned arrow into the fiery glass eyes of a machine is incredibly satisfying, but with so many ways to take down enemies, it constantly feels like a new experience with each type of enemy. The combat system also shows us which robots have weaknesses, so you can utilize the elements in order to make the combat a little easier, but there are no easy fights. The combat always represents a challenge.


The game borrows from other role-playing games, but is able to refine the experience. Even with the game’s dialogue, we often see games with the option to select what we want to say next, and Horizon Zero Dawn allows us to do the same. Guerrilla Games have taken different aspects of other RPGs and merged them into one ultimate experience, with great attention to detail.

This is a game they clearly wanted to get right, and after spending over ten years with the Killzone series, it’s clear that they had a lot of ideas that they wanted to incorporate into a new game. Guerilla Games did a really good job of bringing it all together.

If you haven’t yet played Horizon Zero Dawn, it’s well worth picking up! It makes for a memorable experience.

Rating: 9/10
Platform: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows
Release Date: February 28, 2017
Developer: Guerrilla Games


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