Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster Revealed and New Mass Effect Game Teased by Bioware

Mass Effect Legendary Edition & More


Rumors of a Mass Effect trilogy remaster have been flying about for what it seems to be years now. Today on N7 Day, Bioware boss Casey Hudson let the intergalactic cat out of the bag in a blog post on their official website.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Coming Spring 2021

“It’s tough keeping a big secret (and we really struggled to keep this one a surprise) but now it’s official,” prefaced Hudson before pulling the lid off of Mass Effect Legendary Edition. According to the post, it’ll be a full remaster of all three Mass Effect games including their respective DLC and promo packs of weapons and armor.


Hudson specified that “For many months now, our team at BioWare has been hard at work updating the textures, shaders, models, effects, and technical features of three enormous games,” meaning nothing is changing in terms of gameplay and mechanics. Hudson states in the post that their goal was to modernize rather than reimagine the games.

The post goes on to reiterate the sentiments behind the decision to remaster the legendary Mass Effect trilogy, “Having the opportunity to remaster the trilogy means that the fruits of a decade of our work will live on, and will be experienced better and clearer than ever before.” With games preservation becoming a hotter topic year after year, it’s always reassuring to hear some developers express their desire for their work to carry on being playable across platform generations.

It’s important to note that Hudson specifies that the remaster will include the single-player content of all three games and their DLC. No word on the multiplayer and online aspects of the series.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is slated to release in the Spring of 2021 on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. Forwards compatibility as well as “targeted enhancements” will also be available for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X. Despite earlier rumors, a Nintendo Switch release wasn’t mentioned in Hudson’s post.

Before closing off their N7 Day celebration post, Casey Hudson gave us one more thing….

New Mass Effect in the Works

According to the closing paragraph of the Bioware boss’s post, “a veteran team has been hard at work envisioning the next chapter of the Mass Effect universe.” That’s pretty much the extent of what Hudson and Bioware at large seem to be ready to disclose. It’s enough, however, to reassure gamers that the Mass Effect series is still alive.

The latest chapter in the series, Mass Effect Andromeda, released with several bugs and graphical issues which led to the game becoming a critical disaster. Thankfully, this wasn’t a big enough nail to seal the fate of the series.

More information on Mass Effect Legendary Edition will be coming “…in the new year.” Until then, stay tuned here for more information as it gets revealed.


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