Sea of Thieves to Receive a Battle Pass and Seasons in 2021

Sea of Thieves to Receive a Battle Pass and Seasons in 2021

Sea of Thieves, Rare’s high seas sandbox game filled with booty and plunder, will be a whole lot different come 2021. During their final update for the year, the legendary development studio revealed that from this coming January, Sea of Thieves players will be signing into a brand-new seasons-based progression system and will also be able to pick up the game’s very first battle pass.

Up until now, the pirate sandbox game had been receiving new content and updates on a near-monthly basis. From January 2021, the game will feature seasons that will last three months with updates and content tied to each new season. Each season will introduce new content to the game, such as new enemies to fight and world events to participate in. Other gameplay elements, such as voyages, treasure hunts, and other usual activities will also be getting some new content with each passing season. According to Rare, this will be a “new way to play” Sea of Thieves.

The upcoming battle pass for Sea of Thieves will allow players to earn cosmetics for both their pirate and their ship. By playing the game, you’ll be leveling up your Pirate Renown up to 100 levels, each level affording you new items and cosmetics. Just like with other games, this battle pass progression will exist in tandem with the game’s current progression systems, such as the company trading and reputations. Furthermore, by becoming a Pirate Legend you’ll gain exclusive rewards as well.

Naturally, there’ll also be a premium version of the battle pass for which you’ll have to cough up real cash. This is being dubbed the Plunder Pass and will include its own unique set of rewards and items from the Pirate Emporium. No word has been given on what the price of the premium battle pass will be but we’re estimating it won’t be too far off from other games’.

In sadder news, Arena PvP will no longer be receiving updates. Rare has stated that Adventure has been far more popular with the player base so they’ll be laying any support for Arena to rest. The mode itself will not be taken offline, along with any rewards such as trading and cosmetics so you can continue playing it. It just won’t be getting any further support.

As part of the next update coming January 2021, a new Merchant Alliance voyage will be included. In this voyage type, the trading company will be sending you and other scallywags out to hunt down lost shipwrecks filled with cargo as well as other shipments.



Sea of Thieves has come a long way since its tumultuous original release. The fact that the game will be receiving Seasons and a battle pass brings it more in-line with other live service games and is a natural next step for the title.

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