Slay the Spire Beginner’s Guide to Silent – Basics, and Builds

Slay the Spire Beginner's Guide to Silent - Basics, and Builds

After getting to grips with Slay the Spire by playing The Ironclad, you’re likely ready to expand your horizons. The Silent, which unlocks after you’ve completed a run with The Ironclad, is a whole different beast compared to her armored counterpart. I don’t mean that from a difficulty standpoint but rather from the variety of decks you can build with her cards. Some feel that The Silent is a tough class to get accustomed to but I think that’s all perspective. Her kit is incredibly fun to mess around with so I ended up learning a ton by playing her a lot, eventually getting my first Victory with a poison build. Your mileage may vary but don’t feel like you can’t go far because of a false perception that one class is tougher or weaker than another.

In this guide, we’ll give you a quick overview of the class along with top cards to look out for and which are the best builds to try out.

Silent But Deadly – The Silent Basics
Right off the bat, there’s one key difference you’ll notice once you pick up The Silent; her Relic. Where The Ironclad gave you more breathing room with his Relic’s extra HP, The Silent gives you two extra cards at the start of combat. This is actually quite powerful as it gives you immediately more chances to have key cards at the start of a fight. On the flip side, you’re going to have to be warier of your health and this is where another core difference comes into play.

The Silent is heavily dependant on block and Dexterity. Since she has no self-heal and her health pool is lower, she can be more easily cut down if you’re not careful. If the core lesson from playing Ironclad was to strike hard, the Silent’s is to manage your health and treat it like a resource.


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Top Cards
As with our Ironclad guide, I’d like to emphasize that Slay the Spire isn’t the type of game where you must seek out the best cards or it’s a wash. You’ll have runs where you’ll be getting terrible options a lot but the key skill you need to develop is adaptability. The Silent has a good variety of potential deck archetypes you can make but some are more viable than others.

A Thousand Cuts
This card is absolutely amazing and its cost is quite accessible at 2 energy. Having this set up from the start means you can play defense cards while also dealing AOE damage. I typically aim to have this one upgraded ASAP.

After Image
Another fantastic Power card. With just 1 energy, you make all cards you play give you block which makes it perfect for a turn 1 play along with a couple of block cards.

This is the card The Silent should never leave home without. It’s a prime candidate for upgrading as doing so will make the defense that much more solid. I typically try to have at least a couple of copies.


Slay the Spire, STS, Slay the Spire Guide, Slay the Spire Relic

Noxious Fumes
Doesn’t matter if you’re running a poison build or otherwise, this is a free 2 damage that stacks after every turn. Take it and love it because passive damage can be the key to victory.

Wraith Form
This card used to be absolutely abysmal until it changed to its final form which now gives 2 Intangible at the cost of losing 1 Dexterity. Combining this with Footwork sources of non-Dexterity dependant defense means you’re on the path towards a win.

Tools of the Trade
3 cards are better than 2 right? It may not work exactly like that but it might as well. By having this Power up, you get to draw an extra card and then discard the one you don’t need. It means more chances to get key cards when you need them.

Now that we’ve got our Silent fundamentals down, let’s take a look at what we’re here for: the builds.

Most Consistent – Poison
As straightforward as a Silent build gets. Build up heaps of poison through cards like Noxious Fumes, Deadly Poison, and Catalyst. Crippling Cloud can be quite good too but I wouldn’t include more than a single copy as it’s quite pricey. Poisoned Stab isn’t that bad if you’re not finding enough of the other poison cards but Deadly Poison is always better.


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High Versatility – Shivs
Not nearly as consistent as a poison build and Ironclad’s Barricade build but a shiv-based build can be quite strong. It’s a rather flexible build as it can have several finishing move type cards that are enabled from multiple attacks. Make sure to have at least one Blade Dance if you’re going shiv. Only take Infinite Blades if you’re struggling to find other shiv generators. Definitely make sure you take as many Cloak and Dagger cards as you can as they’re insane value in a shiv deck. Finally, take Accuracy if you’ve already built up a decent number of the other shiv cards.


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Swag Build – Deck Cycle
This isn’t a dedicated archetype in itself but rather a variation on other builds. In essence, thanks to her Relic and cards that provide draw, The Silent has the potential to cycle through her entire deck every turn. This can be particularly powerful when combined with a poison/block build. Of course, you’ll need to make adjustments there as well, such as not taking Noxious Fumes since your fights won’t be lasting long.

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