The World Ends With You is Getting a Sequel on Switch and PS4

The World Ends With You is Getting a Sequel on Switch and PS4

The World Ends With You is Getting a Sequel on Switch and PS4
Has hell finally frozen over? It very well may have because the cult hit Square Enix RPG The World Ends With You is getting a sequel. Initially released in 2007 on the Nintendo DS then later on mobile devices and the Nintendo Switch, the Tetsuya Nomura produced game was something quite unique. Now, 16 years later, we finally have an announcement for its highly desired follow-up, which will be titled NEO: The World Ends With You.

The teaser trailer doesn’t give us too much to go by but we can garner a few nuggets. For starters, the Reaper’s Game returns in NEO and with it a batch of players that will need to fight for the right to continue existing. Naturally, we expect that magical pins battles will still be a big part of the game’s combat.

From the trailer, it also seems that the protagonists are all fresh faces with only a single returning character. Sho Minamimoto, a Reaper in the original TWEWY, is part of the cast of NEO, this time as a player. There’s a lot of speculation surrounding his inclusion as a player. It’s likely safe to assume that NEO is going to be a prequel to the 2007 title.


The new main character replacing Neku Sarukaba is a blonde youngster called Rindo. Beyond his name and design, we don’t know much about him. No surprise considering one of the main draws of the original TWEWY was that Neku’s backstory was also unknown to us for a good portion of the game. Joining Rindo and Minamimoto are the upbeat Frets and the more aggressive-looking Nagi. Cast changes are usually expected in JRPGs these days.

The big that is coming to NEO: The World Ends With You is the jump from 2D to 3D graphics. Following in the same footsteps as the Persona series, the sequel to TWEWY will feature full 3D exploration as well as combat. From the trailer, it does seem that the game will have the same comic book look and feel with its art style. Story segments will seemingly also play out with the same comic panel style as in the original game. What’s particularly exciting is that the jump into three-dimensional space will make Shibuya feel much more alive and crowded. There were also some battles teased with big bosses which should add a layer of epic to the game.


This is as much as we know about NEO: The World Ends With You at the moment. The game is slated for a Summer 2021 release window and will land on Nintendo Switch and PS4. No word on other platforms, including the PlayStation 5.

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