Watch Dogs Legion. Did it live up to the hype? (Video Review)

Watch Dogs Legion Video Review

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Watch Dogs Legion: What we know so far

Watch Dogs Legion was first showcased at E3 in 2019 and is on course for an October 29th release. Ubisoft originally announced a March release date, but developers felt they had to push the release date back in order to ensure the game was fully primed. At first glance, it seems the wait was worthwhile.

Legion is the third installment in the series that takes us to a post-Brexit, near-futuristic dystopian London.Suitably named, Watch Dogs Legion will enable players to take control of any character in the game, creating an army of potential recruits to carry out Dedsec duties.

Post-Brexit London is a city run by a private security company called Albion, creating a state of total surveillance – but it’s time to regain control, and Deadsec will once again form a resistance movement operating in popular locations such as Camden Market and Piccadilly Circus. As Albion patrol the streets enforcing strict rules with aggression, it’s your job to rise up and fight against the authoritarian movement.

Albion isn’t the only threat, however. An organized crime syndicate known as Clan Kelley is at work, taking advantage of London’s most vulnerable citizens. From ex-MI5 agents to construction workers, a new resistance is on the horizon. If you think technology is making humans redundant, Watch Dogs Legion will demonstrate how both can work together to regain significance and freedom in England’s capital.

In order to fight Albion, you’ll gain access to a wide range of equipment, abilities, and characters. Taking control of different characters will enable you to access unique skills and drone abilities – even taking control of Albion members themselves.

The game’s recruitment system runs deep, you need to persuade citizens to fight for Deadsec’s cause, which could ultimately see them killed, and if you kill someone on the street, their associates will hold a grudge against Dedsec which will make recruiting them become increasingly difficult later on.


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